Doing Business in China the Easy Way

SVI Global helps companies based in the United States and other western countries with their complex manufacturing needs in China. Our services are as dynamic as your needs, so that you can conduct business overseas with confidence. We collaborate with our clients, helping them import existing products, establish new manufacturing partnerships, or extend existing product lines.

Flexible Teams, Built to Order 

Professional support and management teams with real experience are vital to the success of any project that requires doing business overseas. At SVI Global, we endeavor to fully understand the unique needs, processes, and challenges that face the ever-changing global market. We know that every project is different —that is why we specialize in building teams specifically tailored to the needs of your project.
Your team will work closely with our local Chinese factory partners, as well as our internal development, graphic design, engineering, production, quality assurance, quality control, and shipping departments. SVI Global works hard to meet every deadline by maintaining clear communication throughout the entire process.
Your merchandising teams are led by a full-time Merchandise Manager, a Senior Merchandiser, and staffed to scale with additional Merchandisers, depending on the needs of your project. Your dedicated merchandising team will work with our internal support departments, and any external vendors, on your behalf. That way you can shift your focus back to what you do best, developing new product lines, and growing your customer base.

Eastern Business Meets Western Leadership

We understand how challenging it can be doing business overseas. SVI Global’s western-based management team oversees all aspects of your business,collaborating with our associates in China. We work diligently to ensure that your project’s timetable is met. We believe that the key to success is maintaining close communication with both our clients and our partners
We design our services around the evolving needs of our clients — as your business grows, SVI Global grows with it. Our team understands that real value is only built through significant long-term investments in our clients and partners. We are proud to contribute to the continued success of our customers, associates, and vendors across the world. 

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